Top 15 Best ArcSight Alternatives in 2022?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the many companies looking ahead to the launch of your next-generation security appliance in 2022. The competition is fierce among vendors to offer you the most secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solution. So how do you know which offer best fits your company’s needs? Let us help. Based on our years of experience working with enterprises, we identified seven different security appliance solutions that may interest you in 2022. Each of these offerings has its own set of pros and cons, but they all offer a great way to protect your data from cybercriminals. Read on to learn more about each alternative and see if it might be a good fit for your company.

What to Look for When Buying a Security Appliance in 2022?

By 2022, you’ll see more and more security appliances on the market. Because of this, it’s important to look closely at what’s being offered by each vendor and what your company’s requirements are for a security appliance. This way, you’re better able to choose the right solution for your company.

Secureline Blue

Secureline Blue is a relatively new security appliance from Safelite Solutions. The company’s goal has always been to bring a complete network security solution to customers, and Secureline Blue delivers. The solution offers everything you’d want in an equipment-level security solution. It offers strong encryption, access control, and even a built-in VPN. The appliance also comes with a few cool features, such as the ability to turn on or off the camera feed remotely. This feature allows administrators to see what’s happening in real-time without having to be in the office. The security appliance is currently available only as a cloud-based solution, so you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to access it. However, the subscription model makes this solution very attractive, as it gives you everything you need without having to pay upfront for it.

Securifi Almond

The Securifi Almond is a hybrid device that merges the capabilities of a camera, gateway, and firewall. With the Almond, Safelite Solutions hopes to bring a full-blown end-to-end security solution to customers. The appliance comes with a camera that offers high-quality video and audio, as well as night vision. It also comes with a firewalling feature that allows you to easily create internal networks that are separate from those used by employees on the same shift. The Almond is also equipped with putting and communication capabilities that support both wired and Wi-Fi networks. This makes the Almond a great fit for businesses that need a full range of security services without having to purchase an entirely new device.

Aruba InstantSec

The Aruba InstantSec is another security appliance from Aruba. The solution offers a high level of encryption, as well as an easy-to-use web-based management interface. The appliance looks and feels similar to other Aruba hardware solutions, but it’s powered by software and features an ARM-based processor. This computer can run any application that uses ARM-based software, such as the IoT software required to secure devices such as smart home controls or wearables. The web-based management interface makes it easy to manage and update the appliance, as well as activate and manage the camera. The appliance is currently only available as a cloud-based solution, so you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to access it.

Fortinet FortiGuard Maxx

Fortinet FortiGuard Maxx is a full-featured security appliance that offers strong encryption and access control features along with an easy-to-use web-based management interface. The Maxx comes with a built-in firewall and intrusion detection system. This allows administrators to keep their network securely intact, even in environments with limited internet connectivity. The FortiGuard Maxx is currently only available as a cloud-based solution, so you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to access it.

QNX OS-X KeyRanger Signage and Tour

QNX’s OS-X KeyRanger is the classic solution for everything from intrusion detection and prevention to device management and user authentication. The key range is one of the most popular home networking appliances in the world, and for good reason. The solution offers strong encryption and access control features, as well as a visual key management tool that makes managing users, devices, and access control easy. The appliance is currently only available as a cloud-based solution, so you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to access it.

What’s on the Horizon? – The Next Big Thing In Security Appliances?

We can’t say for certain what new products and technologies will be available in 2022, but several vendors are expected to release security appliances with AI-based threat detection. This technology is already finding use in face recognition and other big-ticket items, and it’s easy to see how it could be applied to security devices.

Bottom Line

The threat landscape continues to evolve, and enterprises need to have a plan for securing their networks and data. When it comes to securing data, there’s no perfect solution. A mix of hardware, software, and applied security is the only way to go. There’s never been a better time to invest in a security solution. Check out how security appliances may fit into your company’s strategy for securing data in 2022.

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