Top 3 Life Goals to Have in Your 30s

Do you ever feel like your entire life flashes before your eyes, the good, the bad, and the blurry? Things are so organized and planned out that it can be hard to see what’s possible. I think many people want something more in their 30s than they have. They want a different life than they had in their 20s but don’t know how to ask for it. Or perhaps they already have everything they want but just don’t know it! It’s natural to want more money or a new car or to travel the world. But do these things matter when you’re trying to make a living and provide for your family? In this article, I share my top 3 “life goals” that will help you focus on what matters — finding fulfillment within your existing circumstances.

Become an expert in a new field

This one is pretty self-explanatory — become an expert in a new field! Most of us were interested in a field before we were old enough to get a real job. To prepare yourself for the real world, try to pick a new field that interests you. For example, if you want to be an accountant, start looking into different types of accounting books and software. If you want to be a surgeon, go to the library and look up operating room videos. Once you’ve got the hang of it, try to pick a new field that you’d like to get into.

Make a difference in the world

This one’s important to stress because it’s the most tangible of all. When you make a difference in the world, the rest of the world can, too. Think about what you’d want to do if you were given the chance to save a life or to help out a family member. Then think about how you could do that and more. Try to imagine what you’d do if you were in that person’s shoes and you didn’t have a care in the world. You could probably help them out a lot faster than if you had to worry about yourself.

Travel the world

Traveling the world is possible. It’s one of the most popular “life goals” for people in their 30s. However, you’ll need to save up money for a long time and work hard to earn enough to travel. And don’t forget to save for airport expenses and other miscellaneous travel expenses. If you want to travel the world, you’ll need to commit to spending some time every day traveling. You might have to do without a computer or a phone for a while. If you want to travel the world, you need to make time for it! If you want to travel the world, you will. It’s a matter of determination, willpower, and hope that something amazing happens when you least expect it.

Be with your favorite person all the time

This one’s pretty important! When you’re with your favorite person, everything is possible! You can do anything! You can help that person achieve their dreams! You can make a change in the world! To be with your favorite person all the time, you’ll probably have to get out of bed every single day. If you don’t like to be with your partner, you’re in trouble. You can’t do everything that needs to be done because you have to be by both of your partner’s sides. It’s just not possible. Relationships are built on two people being able to do everything together and accept nothing less than their best. You will have to sacrifice something — your needs, your wants, or your desires — to be with your partner. But that’s how it is in a relationship! You will do everything you can to make your partner happy, and you will sacrifice some of yours so that you two can have a better life.

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