What is Dw Romania?

The digital world is a dynamic one, with new trends, companies and solutions emerging every day. In recent years, digital transformation has become a priority for many businesses and Romania is no different. Dw Romania stands for Digital World™️ – the core media brand of German broadcaster DW (Deutsche Welle). – The company’s Romanian-language website launched in mid-2017 and offers news coverage, features and interviews on topics ranging from politics and business to sports, culture and science. Dw Romania consists of three subdomains – blog.dwro.com, shop.dwro.com and forum.dwro.com – which all have their own individual branding as well as being part of the main Dw Romania website that also houses all other content related to the brand in one place (such

What is the purpose of Dw Romania?

With the Digital World™️ blog, Dw Romania seeks to provide insight into the trends that affect lives and societies on a day-to-day basis. Topics are sourced from the DW newsroom and are supplemented by contributions from external experts and commentators. The website’s shop offers a variety of products, including apparel and accessories, gifts, phone cases and bags, covering both current and past DW events and programs. The forum is an online community that sees people from all walks of life come together to discuss topics that range from digital culture to politics and science. The forum also features different games, contests and polls. All three subdomains aim to raise awareness of the Digital World™️ brand in Romania and the rest of the region, expanding DW’s digital presence and engaging a new audience through topics that are relevant and important to them. DW also launched a Romanian-language news service on October 17, 2017 with content being delivered daily by a staff of journalists based both in Romania and the broadcaster’s headquarters in Bonn. Since the launch of the news service, DW’s Romanian-language website has also become increasingly visible in the online space. The website’s top-quality journalism, coupled with its easy navigability, make it an attractive platform for audiences in Romania and beyond.

Who is Dw Romania for?

The Digital World™️ is for people interested in staying informed about the most important digital developments. Through the website’s blog and news coverage, readers can stay informed on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, media manipulation to e-commerce, cyber security to blockchain, privacy to cybersecurity and beyond. The Digital World™️ is also home to discussions on current events and topics that are of interest to a wide range of people.

Key pillars of the Dw Romania brand

– Curiosity: Dw Romania offers a space for curiosity, where readers can learn about what’s going on in the digital world through expert insights, daily news coverage and a wide range of discussions. – Opinion: Dw Romania offers its readers the chance to share their thoughts on upcoming events and current topics through forum discussions. – Creativity: Dw Romania offers a space where readers can get inspired and share their ideas and visions for the future. – Sustainability: Dw Romania aims to engage audiences in discussions on the future of our planet.

Dw Romania’s digital product and website

The Digital World™️ website is designed to provide visitors with an easy-to-navigate experience and to keep them engaged through a mix of daily news coverage and analysis, in-depth features, forum discussions and an extensive selection of products and gifts. The website features an easy-to-use menu that has been designed to provide quick access to the information and content most relevant to each individual user. The website also features a section dedicated to the different social media platforms that the Digital World™️ brand is present on, as well as a section that keeps readers informed about events, programs and products that are currently in the works.


The Digital World™️ is a dynamic, ever-changing environment that affects people on a daily basis. With the DW Romania website and associated subdomains, the broadcaster seeks to keep audiences informed about the latest developments in the digital sphere and to encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas on the topic. The website’s easy-to-navigate design and mix of daily news coverage and in-depth features, forum discussions and product offerings make it an attractive choice for audiences in Romania and beyond. With the Digital World™️, DW aims to engage a new audience that’s interested in staying up-to-date with the latest digital developments and in being part of discussions on topics that affect them on a daily basis. Digital transformation and the Digital World™️ are well underway in Romania, with Dw Romania poised to be at the forefront of this transformation.

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