The New Features Of Kindle 1.24.3

Kindle 1.24.3 is a big update for Kindle owners, with new features that make reading more enjoyable. Here are the top five changes you should know about.

1. You can now hide your Kindle content from parents who don’t approve of your reading habits

2. You can add bookmarks to any text in any book

3. You can share passages from books with others using Kindle’s social reading features

4. You can increase the font size of all text on your Kindle

5. You can now turn pages with a swipe gesture on your Kindle Fire

What’s new in Kindle 1.24.3

Kindle 1.24.3 is a minor update that fixes an issue where books could not be ordered after being added to the Kindle Library.

What’s new in Kindle 1.24.2

This update to Kindle software includes new features and bug fixes. Here are the highlights:

-Added ability to synchronize your reading progress across devices with Kindle Cloud Reader.
-Improved performance when loading large books.
-Enabled VoiceOver support for more languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and German.
-Fixed an issue where sometimes books would not appear in Collections.
-Fixed an issue where certain fonts could overlap on pages when displaying text in smaller font sizes.

How to update your Kindle

To update your Kindle, connect to the Internet and go to:

You will need your Kindle’s unique device ID, which you can find by going to Menu -> Settings -> Device Options -> General -> About Your Kindle. Enter your device ID in the text field at the top of the screen and click Update Your Kindle.

Once your Kindle is updated, you’ll be able to enjoy the new features listed below. Please note that not all devices are compatible with all of these features, so please consult the Amazon product page for more information on compatibility.

Kindle 1.24.3 Released With New Features, Improvements

Kindle has just released an update to version 1.24 with a slew of new features and improvements. The update includes new fonts for improved readability, updated vocabulary tools, and the ability to save articles for offline reading. In addition, there are bug fixes and performance improvements included.

For users who have a Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyage, the update also brings support for Audible audiobooks, so you can listen to your books while you work or travel. Finally, a new feature in this update is the ability to add notes and highlights directly to text passages within books without having to go back to the menu bar first.

Is The New Kindle 1.24.3 Update Worth Downloading?

The new Kindle 1.24.3 update is now available for download and contains a number of new features, including improved book search, AmazonWhispers compatibility, and enhanced parental controls.

Among the most notable changes in this update are improvements to book search that make it easier to find the books you’re looking for. You can now filter your results by title, author, and genre, as well as see details about each book, such as its rating and reviews. AmazonWhispers compatibility lets you send private messages between Kindle users, and enhanced parental controls let you restrict which Kindle books children can access.

Overall, the new Kindle 1.24.3 update is a useful addition that makes using the Kindle more convenient and entertaining. If you’re using a Kindle device or app on either Apple or Android devices, be sure to download the update and take advantage of the new features it offers.

How The Latest Update of Kindle 1.24.3 Affects Your Reading

The latest update of Kindle 1.24.3 affects your reading in a few ways. First, the update includes a new feature that dynamically adjusts the text size to match the font size of the book you are reading. This is great for people who have problems with their eyesight and want to be able to read books without having to switch between different sizes.

Another new feature of Kindle 1.24.3 is the ability to share books with others by email or social media. You can also choose to keep a copy of the book on your device so that you can continue reading it even if your Wi-Fi connection is lost or interrupted.

Amazon Updates Kindle 1.24.3 Improves Reading Experiences

Kindle 1.24.3 is a minor update that improves reading experiences on the Kindle Fire and Kindle Voyage. The new features include:
– Improved text spacing and readability
– Reduced eyestrain from reading in direct sunlight
– Fixed an issue where book covers could overlap when displaying multiple books at once

Kindle 1.24.3 Released: Download The Latest Version Here

Kindle has just released an updated version of their app, which includes some new features and bug fixes. Here are the highlights of what’s new in this latest update:

New Features:
-You can now share books with friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp.
-You can now view notes you’ve taken while reading a book. Simply tap the “Notes” button on the Home Screen and then select “Add Note.”
-The “Settings” menu has been redesigned and includes new options for parental controls and device settings. You can also manage your Audible audiobook library from this menu.
-You can now password protect individual books so that only you can access them.
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed an issue where text could appear blurry when using the VoiceView feature on Kindle Fire tablets.

What’s New In Kindle 1.24.3

Kindle 1.24.3 is a bug-fix release that addresses issues reported since the previous release. This update includes a fix for an issue that could cause the loss of books, and improves the reliability of Kindle VoiceView. Additionally, this release includes general performance improvements and bug fixes.

Among the most significant changes in Kindle 1.24.3 are:

Fix for an issue that could cause the loss of books
Improvements to Kindle VoiceView


With the new features of Kindle 1.24.3, you can now use your Kindle to read magazines, newspapers and other print publications. Additionally, you can now adjust the text size and margin settings for these publications so that they are exactly how you want them to look when you’re reading them on your Kindle. With these new features, it’s easier than ever to get your daily dose of news and information without having to leave your comfortable living room chair!

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