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Cryptopoint72 Review

What goals have you set now that you have made up your mind to become a crypto trader? I have seen many people start crypto trading without having a goal or direction, and that’s probably the biggest mistake anyone can. To tell you the truth, you should have a direction from day one and it all starts with the right choice of broker. Let me help you take that first step in the right direction with my Cryptopoint72 review.

This review is all about telling you things about this platform that I think will help you finalize your decision. Once you have made the right choice at this point, you are sure to get far ahead in your trading career. Let’s know how you can rely on Cryptopoint72.

All about Crypto Trading

I have reviewed many online trading platforms during my career of a decade now. I can tell you with surety that most companies are limited to a very small number of cryptocurrencies on their asset indexes. The first thing you will notice about them is that there are not many crypto-focused platforms in the first place. Most of them were conventional trading platforms that later added digital currencies to the mix. However, Cryptopoint72 is different in that it offers you more than 80 different assets within the cryptocurrency market.

Yes, this means you can trade the big ones, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but you are not limited to them. You can trade Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, Stellar, Dash, Ada, and many more digital currencies. Most other platforms that I have seen offer you no more than 10 digital currencies for trading and then they have the audacity to claim they are crypto trading experts.

Attractive Account Offers

The trading accounts from Cryptopoint72 are completely different from what you see from other companies. They usually ask you to sign up with an account, learn some trading, and then go about your business. You usually don’t interact with them at all once you have opened your account. On the other hand, here is an online platform that is telling you how much profit you will be able to make when you open a particular account. So, you have 5 account types with plenty of features to consider. The best thing is that you can open the most basic account type with a small deposit of just $2500.

The thing that makes the accounts from Cryptopoint72 unique is that you have a percentage of profitability already given with each account. So, if you go with the Starter account, which is the first account on the list, your profits will be in the range of 1% and 5%. With more advanced accounts, the range will be higher too. With the VIP account, your profits are above 30%. Last but not least, it is amazing to see that you get up to 50% discount on spreads depending on the account you pick.

Mobile and Desktop Platform

In recent times, it has become a trend in the online trading industry that you get a web-based trading platform. This platform needs no downloading and you can use it on just about any device with any operating system on it. I have absolutely no problem with that. However, it’s great to see that there are brokers that can do much more than that. This company has gone the extra mile by offering you not only a web-based platform but also a mobile application. You can now download the app and use a lighting fast trading platform that travels with you.

Final Thoughts

If you visit the website of this company, you will be surprised to know that it has a broker and an exchange side. In other words, it is one of the most advanced platforms with unique offerings for traders around the world. If you are thinking about trading digital currencies, you can’t go wrong with Cryptopoint72.

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