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How To Achieve Time Management With EssentialPIM?

Time is a crucial player when managing your schedule, be it personal or work-related. Sometimes when you cannot control your time allotted to a particular task, even 24 hours vanish with the snap of a finger. E.g., if you have to finalize a deal with a supplier over the mail and approve their quotation in a limited time, you must keep a check on your mail from time to time. In case you miss the mail, the deal is gone from your hands. So, emails play a crucial role in running a business, managing school or college assignments, communicating with your grandchildren, and doing more of such stuff.

With a helpful email client, you get the facility of email management. Your day sorts if it has valuable modules for managing your calendars, tasks, contacts, and much more. EssentialPIM provides you with a list of such sorted modules that help you manage your day well to squeeze out necessary productivity from it.

We can get detailed information about all of the modules here:

Email Module:

EssentialPIM provides you with the most sorted email module wherein you can incorporate multiple email IDs and manage notifications from them. They are all under one umbrella to ensure you do not miss out on any supplier mail, an invitation from a friend or any college project detail, etc., at any time. With PGP encryption, you get safety from the wrong hands that try to ruin your crucial data. Additionally, it supports all mail protocols like Exchange, POP, and IMAP, so you get a commanding position from your mail provider.

For sending the messages, you can use either plain text if you are in a hurry and do not have a good internet connection or HTML-rich text if you want to leave a great first impression. You get instant notifications for your emails, ensuring you are not missing out on any important meeting update if you are a businessman or last-minute submission from your student if you are a teacher. You can find segregated messages in folders and subfolders storing them and can open them as per your utility.

While writing an email, you can incorporate some fun emojis to convey your messages to your loved ones. Additionally, you can sort the emails in an arrangement for finding messages related to your profession or work with the help of distinct categories like Office, School, Friends, etc. For recognizing a particular category in an instance, try coloring the categories in different colors and pick the right one each time.

Do not worry about clearing your email section quite often, as the auto-archive feature provides this facility by eliminating extra messages as soon as they exceed the required time limit. For filtering your emails based on tags and categories, use the toolbar presented in EssentialPIM.

Calendar Module:

Whether you’re a business person, a teacher, a student, or anyone else with the calendar module of EssentialPIM, you can enhance your productivity by leaps and bounds. From setting your goals to achieve them timely to expecting right-on-time reminder notifications for your meetings, assignments, etc. EssentailPIM does it all. This facility helps you spare some extra moments to get the preps done.

You can view your calendar according to days, weeks, months, etc., and schedule your time as per your availability. With this, you get the facility to manage different calendars for work and personal stuff and overlay them for a quick comparison so that the dates do not clash. You can also access the tasks and calendars from the global sidebar in any module. For example, you can use the drag-and-drop facility to see a calendar with a finger’s tap.

Notes Module:

Once you use the seamless notes module of EssentialPIM, you will forget to return to the usual pen and paper. Not only does this digital facility provide security for your valuable notes, but no one can hamper them as they can with handwritten notes on paper. Additionally, with paper, you have to strike out your ideas once you get a better and fresh idea, but herein you can jot down new ideas without deleting the old thoughts. You can keep or delete the version history as per your utility.

With this, you can make your notes-taking session a fun-filled one by adding different and attractive emojis to them. You can also keep your notes in the form of sticky notes on your desktop to use as a last moment takeaway for an important event. Additionally, you can use group facilities for the sticky notes relating to each other to find them as a bunch altogether.

Contacts Module:

Got fed up with noting down each detail of your contact and not getting it on time? You will stop using the usual pen and paper and fall in love with the contacts module of EssentialPIM. And you can note each detail related to your contacts through different fields like name, contact no., email, birthday, etc., and keep it intact. Also, you can use many tools to make edits to the data and filter them to provide the right search results instantly.

Utilize this module for sending newsletters to your valuable contacts and getting them delivered right in time. This facility provides an advantage when you are in a hurry to send a crucial text to someone. You can access your valuable contacts on platforms like Android, Google, and many more as an over-the-counter facility.

Passwords Module:

Whether you are a business person, student, teacher, or doing wonders in any other profession, you must have crucial passwords to store. For example, with the passwords module of EssentialPIM, you can generate and use complex patterns and numbers to keep your data safe from suspicious activity. You are no longer required to maintain a long list of complicated passwords used on different devices or accounts in a notebook, as this module will help you out in the best possible way.

With the facility of auto-type, you can instantly fill the passwords in your web forms, avoiding unnecessary time searching for the password elsewhere.

Tasks Module:

Tasks Module

If there are tasks lined up for the day and you are not so good at remembering or keeping track of each of them in detail, you can use a notebook for the purpose. Alternatively, a better idea will be to use the tasks module of EssentialPIM. For example, you will receive updates related to your work or personal affairs on time, and you’ll be able to use your day more productively.

Set your tasks based on priority, and once a job is complete, remove it manually or see it getting pulled out with the auto-delete feature. It will keep the incomplete ones on the screen, keeping you clear of what you must rush through during the day. If you cannot complete the listed tasks on the same day, you can find them intact for the following day.

Keep an eye on your productivity and see the tasks completed in the form of percentages, so you’ve clear thoughts of how much time you need to dedicate to complete them by 100%.


In EssentialPIM with the Today section, you get all the refreshing news about an upcoming school project, an urgent meeting with the supplier, an office presentation, or anything else. But, of course, you cannot miss any event once you go through this section at the start of the day. Instead, you will see any task lined up for the day here so you can plan how to go ahead with your schedule. If you want to change anything at the last moment to strike off from the list, uncheck it, and you’re good to go.


If you are unable to find one of the most pleasing email clients, trust us, you can take a bet on EssentialPIM to schedule your day and enhance your productivity by multiple folds. With EPIM cloud, you seamlessly get the facility of synchronization between Windows and Android versions of the app. In addition, you can also synchronize with online services like iCloud, Outlook for Microsoft 365, Dropbox, and many more.

EssentialPIM is not only a robust and helpful email client but has many interactive modules to help you achieve your goals by properly managing your schedule. Fortunately, there are many shortcuts for urgent tasks and the facility of dragging and dropping to provide instant action.

You get the facility of using this cross-platform utility in various languages, and if you love to travel, download it onto a USB flash drive and carry all your data in your pockets. With the AES 256-bit key encryption, EssentialPIM is highly recommended, especially for its provision of security while you are working on your data. You’ll be able to manage your time in a better way with a help of EssentialPIM.

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